Mastermind Application

Please take some time and complete the application form for admittance into the Believe University Mastermind Group.  All applications are reviewed by the University staff and a conference or Skype call will be arranged to discuss and complete the application process.  You will be notified by em ail following your interview as to whether or not you have been accepted into the group.  Due to high demand for participation, we ask that you submit your application as soon as possible for consideration.  If the mastermind group is full, you will be notified of your position on the waiting list and be given the option to join in the future.  Thanks again for taking the 1st step to joining this great progressive community of like-minded professionals. 

How did you hear about the mastermind group?

There are 3 focus areas of consideration for joining the Mastermind group.  Please choose your group of interest.

Have you participated in a Mastermind Group in the past?

Please indicate what you hope to accomplish from participating in the mastermind group.

How would you describe your level of commitment to your personal & professional growth?  If you are an entrepreneur, please also describe your level of commitment to growing your business.  

I understand that the Mastermind Group is a subscription based program that requires a monthly reoccurring commitment that will continue for 12 consecutive months with the option for renewal thereafter.   I further understand that I am committing to a minimum of 90/days and can cancel my subscription at any time thereafter with written email notification provided to the provider.  

I understand that anything shared in the mastermind group (both virtually or during the meeting mediums) is to be held strictly confidential and may not be used to solicit fellow participants for business. the circle is a "no selling" zone.  The groups are designed for personal and professional development only.  Participants may connect outside of the group to exchange services or business.  

Participation in the Mastermind Group is Virtual and therefore requires engagement on a monthly facilitated conference call (60-90 minutes).  There will be other benefits and resources available for confirmed members of the group.  Please acknowledge your willingness to participate and fully engage the process. 

Please choose your preference time for participating in the Virtual Conference Call. This is only a poll to gauge the group availability.  The Mastermind dates and calls will be communicated to you at a later date. 

Would you be interested in participating in call on the weekend?

Please acknowledge the subscription monthly  pricing for your Mastermind Group Preference.  

Please state your full address location in the USA or International.  Indicate your City or Province Location as well.