What are clients saying?

As a business owner, I started working with Nick Dillon about 3 months ago and when we started, my life and business were in immense chaos.  I had never worked with a Life Coach before and Nick has helps me to gain consistent confidence and organizational skills that I have been able to apply to my personal and professional life. It has also helped me to produce better than projected sales results this quarter. I recommend Nick Dillon but please know that he is a true advocate for results and success.   Adam, Vice President, Brookfield, Wisconsin 
Coach Nick is a true believer in what is possible when you set your mind right to believe in yourself. His teachings are simple but powerful.     Troy Rackley, CEO & Founder of The Limitless You


We found Nicholas Dillon while searching online for a relationship coach as we found ourselves struggling with trust issues. We decided to meet him for an initial free session and now after 8 months we have made some great strides. Nick helps us not only as a couple but also with some individual self-concept homework that proved to have a positive impact on our relationship. He made us do all the work and was an excellent guide throughout the process. We plan to invite him to the wedding in the summer of 2013. Thanks Nick.    Cynthia & Terrance (Milwaukee, WI)


I have worked with Nick since 2008 and found him to not only be a great coach but a true inspiration. One of the things I will never forget him say is that everyone has "greatness inside". I had actually thought there was no hope for me because of the bad choices I made in life. Nick showed me that I should "Focus Forward" and make changes in my thinking because that was really holding me back. This guy is a great listener and a mentor like no other.                                                       Marquis, Student (Milwaukee, WI )


What can I say, Nicholas Dillon worked with me for almost 2 years and in that time, I will say that I was totally transformed from literally a "driver" with very low self-esteem & confidence. Now, I am a college graduate professional working in Corporate America. When I wanted to quit, he taught me this "positive self-talk" that I still use to this day. He was a great coach that found in me what I never thought I had and I will cherish that forever. David, Professional, St. Louis, MO


What can I say, I was not a business man but I had an entrepreneurial spirit. I started working with Nicholas Dillon 2 years ago when I was employed in the film industry. I was real down and guarded with lots of anxiety after surviving hurricane Katrina. Coach Nick encouraged me to start a new chapter in my life and now I am a business owner with great confidence and success. I will never look back. Robert, President & CEO, New Orleans, LA

Our beliefs really do shape our lives and I did not realize how much the negative ones had affected my choices in life until I started coaching sessions with Nick Dillon, The Believe Coach. Nick creates a space for you to feel comfortable opening up, very easy to talk to.  The exercises he has you do allow a flow of healing to your life. I have had many break-through moments after our sessions and he was always willing to listen and provide feedback and positive reinforcement. He helped me focus on what I needed to do to cause the healing to flow and make positive life changes.  I am very grateful to Nick Dillon as he has started me on a road to my authentic self. I highly recommend coaching with Nick. He will literally help you change your life. Emily, Lima, Ohio


I have worked with many people that are passionate about their work of service and I have to say without reservation that Nicholas Dillon exemplifies this above all.  Most people generally come across as super professional and business oriented, which does not always open the door for building a solid rapport. I connected with Nicholas because he is completely authentic. His transparency made it so easy for us to rapidly develop synergy, and build an instant rapport. 
Nicholas Dillon has more than earned my high esteemed opinion of him as a person, professional, and entrepreneur through his consistent, well delivered intelligence, enormous sense of humor subtly enfolded in a very personable persona.  As a life coach and consultant, he is valued and respected for his overall understanding and beliefs that he not only preaches, but practices in his own life.  

With that being said, it is without hesitation that I personally, professionally and socially recommend creating "THE" opportunity to experience Nicholas Dillon not only for yourself, but for anyone that would benefit from his experiences and life.  Ron Broussard CEO & Founder of StretchYourself a subsidiary of Entheos Consulting Group